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The Vail Performing Arts Academy (VPAA) was founded in 1995 and dedicated to providing theatrical, educational and cultural experiences for the youth of the Eagle Valley.

                                       VPAA- THE MOST IMPORTANT STAGE IN A CHILD'S LIFE



Dear Parents:

Call time tonight is 5PM. Dinner will be served. If you would rather eat at home, you only need to be there by 6PM. Please remember your VPAA t-shirt , blue jeans. Pick up time is 8:30PM

NOTE: Only those parents who have been told they are backstage volunteers may stay during the beginning of gala and performances. They are: Hillary Petrowski, Tara& Greg Vandernoot , Cindy Calicrate, The Litts and Lise Carnes. These parents will be backstage monitoring and will usher the kids into the main room to perform. Once students perform they need to be picked up to go home. That will be 8:30PM. Thank you.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Colin Meiring 9703906373

Visit www.stardancinggala.com for more information on this event.

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MULAN Jr & RENT School Edition

Rehearsals begin July 14, 2014 at BMHS Auditorium

 9AM-3PM Mon-Friday  For All Students

RENT show is Aug 8 at 6:30PM & Aug 9 at 2PM at VILAR

MULAN show is Aug 10 at 2PM & 6:30PM at VILAR

Click on Programs and "Summer" for all the details about our two separate musicals we will be producing.