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The Vail Performing Arts Academy (VPAA) was founded in 1995 and dedicated to providing theatrical, educational and cultural experiences for the youth of the Eagle Valley.

                                       VPAA- THE MOST IMPORTANT STAGE IN A CHILD'S LIFE



Summer Auditions!- May 3, @ Eagle Vail Pavilion

for students ages 8 to 18

*12PM-2Pm Shakespeare auditions ( ages 8-18 years)

 Audition monologues posted on summer link

*2PM-4PM Div 2 ( ages 13-18 years) Shrek auditions

*4PM-6:30PM Div 1 (ages 8-12 years) Shrek auditions.

Shrek audition songs & Schedule posted on summer link

There are 33 lead roles for boys and girls in Shrek. Click on summer link to download the character list.

Shakespeare in the Park rehearsals- (Mon-Fri) June 8 with shows on June 24, 25 & 26 at 12 noon at Morales theater in Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. 

Shrek rehearsals will begin Mon-Thur (with some Fridays for some of the cast)- July 13 with shows at Vilar on August 8 & 9

Star Dancing Gala performance July 16  CLICK HERE for more information  _________________________________

Jump Jive & Wail DVD's  available now! 

 MULAN, Jr. DVDs are available.

$20 ea

Contact Annah at 970 390 3631 or email us to arrange pick up at :

0111 June Creek Rd

in Singletree, Edwards



Jump, Jive & Wail DVDs available now. Email annah@vpaa.org to arrange a pick up. 0111 June Creek Rd -or call 970-390 3631


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Congratulations to all our jump and jivers!  GREAT SHOW!

Congratulations to all our jump and jivers!  GREAT SHOW!