Summer  2018!

Madagascar- A musical adventure Jr.

                       " I Like to Move it Move It! "

                      " I Like to Move it Move It! "

The VPAA Summer show will be Madagascar- A musical Adventure JR. Based on the smash Dream Works animated motion picture! 

Click this link to see this amazing show 

Filled with outlandish characters, adventure galore and an upbeat score, Madagascar JR. will leave audiences with no choice but to " Move It, Move It" 

This show has 26 lead roles and many supporting parts  to keep all of our students busy, happy and challenged. Non of the roles are gender specific. Our leading ladies are not limited to the role of Gloria, as any one of these characters can be played by a charismatic leading lady 🎶 We hope to see you May 6th. 


May 6th

3PM-5PM Youth students 8yr-12 yrs

5PM-7PM Teen students 13yrs-18yrs

Rehearsals  begin Monday July 9 , Monday-Friday, 9AM-3PM



August 3, 4, 5 at 6:30PM @ BMHS

Non-refundable tuition- $875 check  or pay online - $900

Mail check to VPAA, PO 2300, Edwards CO 81632 and submit with enrollment form

Financial aid applications due April 20 (email for form)


Audition Songs are posted below:

Students can sing any one of the songs listed. Students need only sing the lyrics posted.Students can also sing their own song, but please provide your song track on an iPod or I phone at auditions. 

What's the big deal? I was coming back in the morning.Why you all raining down on my scene?It's just a little break in my routine. You just might enjoy it, take a moment to breathe it in. It'll help if you sing, Relax, be cool, chill out, no you don't need to shout, relax be cool chill out! 

WILD AND FREE- Out in the wide open spaces, where the land seems to go on forever. Out there I could run as far as the eye could see. Living where I was meant to be, Where I could find the wild In me. If I could be free, If I could be free, running wild ,Running wild! Wow! Where I could be wild and free! Wild and free, Imagine that!

(The Wild! We can be back by morning. No one will even know. What do you say ? You know what I say Marty? Ain't nothing in the world that could tear us apart, You're my friend. Ain't nothing in the universe that could come in between us. If you're in a rut, I will pick you up and bring you back to who you are, Yeah. Come on Marty! Anything that you need, I'm here for ya. Wherever I need to be. I'm there for ya. Unconditional, even if it ai't cool I'm there when you need me. tender and juicy. If only I could have one bite. There's only one thing I really want. One thing I really need, I gotta have...Steak, Gim-me, gim-me steak, Gim-me, gim-me steak,Steak!Yeah! I've got a love, I must confess, My love for meat is what I profess, Don't want to put you in distress, but I'm hungry. I got an appetite for a lush buffet, a porter house cooked anyway, and on the side of my breakfast toast, I wanna rump roast. I've tasted veggies from coast to coast but let me tell you what I love the most, Steak is what I crave.

Time to go, got a real big showing It's almost time. Gotta give the old hair a blow, and my teeth a good shine, gonna give a good sheen to the ebony and ivory. Crowds gonna go wild when they see my best gene, Gene Kelly I mean. Gonna do my toes, gonna do my nails, a little make up never fails, A girl should always look her best, when she's this blessed.

I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it, We like to.......Move it.I like to move it, move it. She like to move it, move it. He like to move it, move it, We like to.......Move it.I like to move it, move it. She like to move it, move it. He like to move it, move it, We like to.......Move it. Here in Madagascar we get funky we get loud we can Shake shake shake it. Move it up, move it down , so do it, there's nothing to it, Even the lemurs and Maurice can ba ba lu it! 


Alex the Lion, Marty The Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, Melman the Giraffe, Skippers, Kowalski, Rico & Private the Penguins, Zookeepers ,Zelda, Zeke & Zoe, Mason the Chimpanzee, King Julien, Queen Julie, Maurice the Lemur, Mort the Lemur, Lynn, Lew, Lee & Lars the Lemurs, Foosa Leader, Lionesses, Camermen, Candy Hammernose, Passerbys, Old lady, Subway announcer, police officers, Animal control officers, Newspaper men, Ship's captain, New Yorkers, Animals, Lead servers, Tribe of Lemurs , Tribe of Foosas. 





VPAA  will be offering our 3rd annual Minturn affordable workshop with recital in June.  This revue show at the Little Beach theater, will feature songs from the 80's, scenes from "Camp Rock" and we plan to blow the park away with youthful rock and roll! 

Auditions will be on Saturday May 19th 2PM-4PM at the Minturn Town Council rooms

Rehearsals begin on Monday, June 11- June 21 on Monday to Thursdays 10AM-3PM with final show on Thursday, June 21 at 6PM 

Cost is $100 per student. 



Students can sing either song or sing a song of their own choice, but please provide your song track on an mp3 device. 

I've always been the kind of girl, That hid my face, So afraid to tell the world, What I've got to say, But I have this dream, Right inside of me, I'm gonna let it show, it's time, To let you know, To let you know, This is real, this is me, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now, Gonna let the light, shine on me, Now I've found, who I am, There's no way to hold it in, No more hiding who I want to be, This is me

Me plus you, I'ma tell you one time, Me plus you, I'ma tell you one time, Me plus you, I'ma tell you one time, One time, one time, When I met you girl my heart went knock knock, Now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop, And even though it's a struggle love is all we got, And we gon' keep keep climbing to the mountain top, Your world is my world, And my fight is your fight, My breath is your breath, And your heart